How to Apply Revolution for Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to apply Revolution for dogs effectively to keep your furry friend safe from fleas, ticks, and more. Follow our step-by-step guide for a happy and healthy pup.

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When it comes to taking care of your beloved canine companion, ensuring their health and well-being is paramount. One crucial aspect of dog care is protecting them from parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Revolution for dogs is a highly effective and popular solution, but to reap its benefits, you must know how to apply it correctly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process, step by step, ensuring that your four-legged friend remains pest-free and happy.


Revolution for dogs is a top-tier veterinary product that provides comprehensive protection against a range of common canine parasites. This easy-to-use topical treatment not only eliminates fleas, ticks, and ear mites but also prevents heartworm disease in your furry friend. To maximize its effectiveness and ensure the well-being of your dog, it’s crucial to apply Revolution correctly.

In this article, we’ll cover every aspect of applying Revolution for dogs, from preparation to aftercare. Whether you’re a new dog owner or simply looking for a refresher, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to keep your pet pest-free and healthy.

How to Apply Revolution for Dogs

Preparation: Gathering Supplies

Before you begin the application process, gather the necessary supplies:

  • Revolution for dogs, prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • A pair of disposable gloves.
  • A comb or brush.
  • Alcohol wipes.
  • A clean towel.
  • A stopwatch or timer.

Step 1: Check the Weight

Revolution comes in different dosages for various weight ranges of dogs. It’s crucial to know your dog’s weight to ensure you’re using the right product. Weigh your dog and select the appropriate Revolution product accordingly.

Step 2: Pre-Application Inspection

Examine your dog’s skin for any cuts, sores, or signs of irritation. If you notice anything unusual, consult your veterinarian before applying Revolution.

Step 3: Application

  1. Opening the Tube: Begin by holding the Revolution tube upright and twisting the cap to break the seal.
  2. Part the Fur: Using the comb or your fingers, part the fur at the base of your dog’s neck, between the shoulder blades, to expose the skin.
  3. Applying Revolution: Squeeze the tube to apply the entire contents directly to the exposed skin. Ensure that you apply it in one spot to prevent the product from running off the skin.
  4. Hold Your Dog: To prevent your dog from licking the area, hold them for a few moments.
  5. Record the Application Time: Use the stopwatch or timer to record the time when you applied Revolution.

Step 4: Aftercare

  • Dispose of Gloves: Remove and dispose of the gloves properly.
  • Wash Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Avoid Bathing: Do not bathe your dog for at least two hours after application to allow the product to be absorbed properly.
  • Monitor Your Dog: Keep an eye on your dog for any adverse reactions. While rare, if you notice any unusual symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Revolution safe for all dogs?

Yes, Revolution is safe for most dogs, but it’s essential to consult your veterinarian to determine if it’s suitable for your specific pet.

How often should I apply Revolution?

Typically, Revolution should be applied monthly for ongoing protection.

Can I use Revolution on puppies?

Revolution is generally safe for puppies over six weeks old. Consult your vet for precise instructions.

Are there any side effects of using Revolution?

Side effects are rare, but they can include temporary skin irritation at the application site. If you observe any concerning symptoms, contact your veterinarian.

Can Revolution be used on pregnant or nursing dogs?

It’s best to consult your veterinarian before using Revolution on pregnant or nursing dogs.

Can Revolution be used on cats?

Revolution for dogs is not suitable for cats. There is a separate Revolution formula designed specifically for felines.


Protecting your dog from the perils of fleas, ticks, and heartworm is essential for their well-being. Revolution for dogs is a potent tool in this endeavor, and knowing how to apply it correctly ensures its effectiveness. By following the steps outlined in this guide and consulting your veterinarian when in doubt, you can provide your canine companion with the protection they deserve. Keep your dog happy, healthy, and pest-free with Revolution.

how to apply revolution for dogs

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